Recent Projects by Denver Concrete Company

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Polo Club North Dam Construction & Pour in Cherry Creek

Designing, constructing and  pouring the dam at Polo Club North for their pond system was one of our more challenging and favorite projects we have done to date.

The Polo Club North wanted to have the ability to drain one of their ponds without draining the entire pond system. The problem solving needed for these types of projects are exactly what we like to tackle here at Denver Concrete Company.  Often it takes ideas from all of our employees, not just our project managers to get these challenging projects completed.

Pond Excavation Denver

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New Front Steps in Denver, CO

New Concrete Steps - Denver, COThe owner of this home in Denver wanted to replace their front steps as they had cracked and broken off their front porch.  The owner also wanted to add an additional step and make them longer for a nicer entrance.  We tore out the exisiting steps and part of the sidewalk and poured 3 new steps with rebar.  We also tied into the existing porch so this wouldn't happen in the future.

At Denver Concete, we work on small projects like this all the time in the metro.  This scope of work falls under our job minimum.  If you have a small concrete project you would like to get a quote on, please give us a call (303) 848-8447.

Concrete Stair replacement

Driveway Replacement with Stamped Boarder in Littleton, CO

Littleton Driveway Replacement with Boarder

On this job in Littleton, we tore out the existing driveway and poured a new regular slab concrete pad 4" thick with 4,000 PSI concrete.  For this project we needed to bring in road base, level and compacted before pouring the concrete as the ground was not very solid underneath the old concrete.  We also set a rebar grid pattern for extra strength to go in the driveway slab.  

We then poured a stamped concrete boarder around the entire driveway to give it a nice detailed look.  The stamped concrete matched the front walkway and path that went around the side of the home.  Stamped concrete boarders are a great way to dress up the front of a home.  We really like how the colors of the boarder match the dark wood on the home.  This driveway project took 4 days to complete from start to finish.

Our company replaces driveways throughout the entire Denver metro.  If you're looking for a driveway replacement, check out our driveways page or request a free estimate.

Commercial Front Staircase in Aurora, CO

On this commercial concrete job in Aurora, we needed to create another exit for the retail store.  We made a 10' x 5' landing pad that we tied into the exisiting sidewalk and side of the building. The steps are your standard 7" tall by 11.5" deep and the entire stoop drains away from the building.  

Commercial Concrete Steps - Aurora, CO Commercial Concrete Job Aurora, CO

Commercial Concrete work Aurora Denver Commercial Concrete - Staircase

As you can see, the fabricators from CB Fence did a great job with the railings after we were finished.  Most railing systems can be added to a concrete jobs 4-6 days after it has been poured.   If you need any commercial concrete work done for your office or building, please give us a call for an estimate (303) 848-8447