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Concrete Driveway Addition & New Walkway in Westminster, CO

Concrete Driveway Addition - Westminster, CO   Sidewalk Replacement in Westminster, CO 

Here is a good example of concrete work we do all the time in the Denver metro.

The customer was looking to extend their driveway 4' wider as well as replacement the front sidewalk to their steps that leads to their front door.  The total job was 400 sq ft and was done in a day.  The driveway section included rebar and and the sidewalk section included wire mesh.  We work on residential properties in Westminster every month.

Concrete Driveway Replacement in Broomfield, CO

This property had concrete that was over 25 years old with cracks throughout and concrete that had sunk over 4 inches in some areas.

Before photos:

cracked concrete sidewalk  Concrete sidewalk  Concrete patio that sunk

We tore out and replaced 1,040 sq ft of concrete at this home in Broomfield, CO.  The front porch had sunk several inches, the driveway, garage floor and sidewalks had cracked and separated and was over 25 years old.  We had to bring in road base and compact the areas that had sunk to make sure we had a solid surface to pour new concrete.  As you will see in the pictures below, the home owner ended up with a fresh new look and we fixed all of the problem areas.

After Photos:

Concrete Sidewalk Replacement Broomfield CO Broomfield Sidewalk Replacement

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