Recent Projects by Denver Concrete Company

If you would like more examples of our work, please don't hesitate to ask!

On this commercial concrete job in Aurora, we needed to create another exit for the retail store.  We made a 10' x 5' landing pad that we tied into the exisiting sidewalk and side of the building. The steps are your standard 7" tall by 11.5" deep and the entire stoop drains away from the building.  

Commercial Concrete Steps - Aurora, CO Commercial Concrete Job Aurora, CO

Commercial Concrete work Aurora Denver Commercial Concrete - Staircase

As you can see, the fabricators from CB Fence did a great job with the railings after we were finished.  Most railing systems can be added to a concrete jobs 4-6 days after it has been poured.   If you need any commercial concrete work done for your office or building, please give us a call for an estimate (303) 848-8447