Recent Projects by Denver Concrete Company

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Designing, constructing and  pouring the dam at Polo Club North for their pond system was one of our more challenging and favorite projects we have done to date.

The Polo Club North wanted to have the ability to drain one of their ponds without draining the entire pond system. The problem solving needed for these types of projects are exactly what we like to tackle here at Denver Concrete Company.  Often it takes ideas from all of our employees, not just our project managers to get these challenging projects completed.

Pond Excavation Denver

Before we could begin the actual construction portion of the dam, we had to figure out a way to halt the flow of water from the other pond section then excavate on saturated ground. The saturated ground gave us problems with positioning equipment and keeping the area from caving in on itself. 

Once we had done enough mitigation with the water and allowed the area to dry up, we could start constructing the rebar cage and forms. With the help of our friend Bill at Gates Concrete Forming Systems we were able to come up with a design for the forms using Cam Locks.

rebar construction for Dam

When you construct forms in a pyramid shape the forms and rebar cage itself will want to elevate when you start pouring in concrete.  To keep all of this in place we came up with an idea to pour caissons at the base of the dam before we began. We then anchored a ½” threaded rod in the caisson. We were able to place a 2 x 4 on top of the forms and held it in place on the rod with simple nuts and bolts as you can see below.
 After the dam was finished, we were able to continue with phase 1 of completely redoing the pond itself. This dam allows the HOA to regulate the flow of water between section 1 and section 2 of the pond for irrigation use. The pond adds wildlife and a scenic view for the residence of the Polo Club community.