Denver Concrete Company is much more than just a concrete contractor. Denver Concrete Company offers concrete removal services as well. So even if you are just removing a concrete patio, driveway, sidewalk or walkway, we can help!

Oftentimes home owners and business owners undergo the process of concrete removal as it is assumed that concrete removal services are expensive. After starting the project, that is when they turn to professional contractors and research the price of concrete removal, ultimately finding that concrete removal is much less expensive and a great deal more convenient than what they had originally thought it might be. So, make certain to check with us about your project before beginning your concrete removal project, an estimate only takes a few short minutes and this way you can make an educated decision before just starting on a project that can be costly and more importantly take much more time than you might have originally expected.

If you are considering concrete removal, make certain to check out our “concrete removal cost” page to get a range of Denver Concrete Company’s prices for concrete removal. If you are looking for a more accurate estimate for your concrete removal project, please fill out the “concrete removal estimate” request form to the right or simply contact our team at (303) 848-8447.

Denver Concrete Company can help with all of the following concrete removal projects (please note that the list below is not comprehensive and you should contact a member of our team for specific cost on your particular project).

Concrete Removal Services

Concrete patio tear out
Concrete Driveway removal
Walkway / Sidewalk Tear Out
Porch / Stoop removal
Garage Floor tear out
Basement floor tear out
Concrete floor tear out / removal
Commercial concrete removal services
City sidewalk removal
Concrete haul off service
Concrete cutting and tear out services


Whatever the concrete removal project, Denver Concrete Company is ready to help! Check out concrete removal pricing or contact us today for pricing.


Above is a concrete removal project completed by the homeowner, the project included break out of concrete that was over 18" thick. The customer discovered "after the fact" that Denver Concrete Company would have charged a minimal fee of only $750.00 to tear out this thick and heavy concrete.