Recent Projects by Denver Concrete Company

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arvada driveway replacementWe worked on this driveway replacement project in Arvada, CO and were able to knock it out in just a day.  This driveway in Arvada was very narrow only leaving room for one car and no room to walk around.  The homeowner wanted to have a space to park 2 vehicles side by side.  This meant we would have to remove the old driveway and the grass and landscaping next to it as well.  We ended up pouring a driveway that was 18' wide to provide a space for 2 vehicles and walking space on the concrete.

The Driveway Replacement Process

Our removal team began breaking up the concrete and loading it into a dump truck.  The irrigation system was removed along with the grass, dirt and landscaping material next. 

At Denver Concrete Company, we try and focus on limiting environmental impact so we recycle concrete and use recycled concrete road base for our sub-grade.

We hauled in 3" of crushed concrete, graded and compacted to give our concrete slab a nice level base that won't move when saturated.  After we are happy with the compaction and grade of the base, we set our concrete forms and tie a rebar grid 2' on center each way (OCEW) to ensure our customer has an extra strength slab. After all the proper preparation has been completed we are ready to pour the new driveway.  For all of our driveway projects in Arvada, we use an exterior 4500 PSI concrete mix with micro fiber for added strength.  We find the extra 500 PSI makes all the difference for our new Colorado driveways.

Although we cannot prevent cracking we can take all the right steps to make sure the concrete doesn't shirt or pull apart after a hairline crack appears.  This is done with a properly compacted base, rebar, 4500 PSI concrete mix design and a salt protector sealer applied 30 days after we pour.

What Does A Project Like This Cost?

typical driveway costs in arvada coWhen people ask us a question about cost, it is hard to give a give a blanket cost per square foot.  A lot of factors come into pricing out a driveway replacement in Arvada, CO.  Total size and thickness of the slab, type of reinforcement used, what type of materials we need to remove and dispose, access to the area we are pouring are just a few.  If you have a typical driveway in Arvada that you want to replace, you can expect to spend anywhere from $12.50-15.00 per square foot.

When you are comparing prices remember to look at these 4 things; is the concrete company fully insured, ground preparation, concrete mix design (total PSI) and reinforcement used in the slab.  These are the items that cost an Arvada concrete company money and will pass on to you.  These are also important factors to make sure your driveway replacement project will last.

How Long Does A Project Like This Take?

When our concrete team is out on your project, we take a lot of pride in efficiency.  Typically a driveway replacement project will take us one day if under 1,000 SF.  If temperatures are very warm or cold, we will prep one day and pour the next morning.  Size of the driveway, type of material we have to demo and haul away, current soil conditions and daily temperatures are some factors that determine length of a concrete driveway project.  As our concrete team is efficient, we do not risk the integrity of a job by cutting corners.  

If you are considering hiring an Arvada concrete company for your driveway replacement, please give us a call (303) 848-8447.