Stamped Concrete vs Paver Patios

Stamped Textured ConcreteStamped concrete is created to mimic the appearance of many patio paving materials such as bricks, tiles, and stone. The patterns, colors and textures available in this option make it suitable for various applications from concrete driveways, to porches, patios and even walls.

How is stamped concrete created?
The stamping technique is done before freshly poured concrete starts to harden. The large aggregate particles of the concrete are worked down into the concrete while it is still wet. Then, large rubber mats are stamped into the concrete's surface, leaving a pattern or texture behind when the stamps are lifted. Typically, before the concrete is stamped, the surface is dusted with coloring or the color is added to mix. Also, a release powder is distributed across the concrete surface to prevent the stamps from adhering to the concrete. This powder produces an antique effect on the surface further enhancing its look.

The Pros

One of the biggest advantages of stamped concrete is its price!  Typically, stamped concrete costs less than pavers do. Stamped concrete is also less labor intensive unlike installing other pavers that can really take up much time. The best thing about stamped concrete is its extremely versatility. Aside from the wide range of designs that can be done with it, other techniques such as staining and scoring can also be used to enhance its look.

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Tips for Choosing Your Concrete Provider

There are many companies in Denver that offer concrete services, the question is how do you know who to choose.  Here are three great tips to help you choose the right concrete company fory our job.

1) Check for company references.

This rule applies to any and all potential companies that you consider hiring for any type of labor to be performed. Ask for a reference from the company of a project they have worked on similar to yours.  Ask the home owner about their work, professionalism and organization.

2) Look through their previous work

A "portfolio" or photo gallery of previous concrete services is definitely worth the time to look at. By looking at their past work, you'll be better suited to make an informed decision about whether or not they can deliver the quality of work you are looking for in a concrete company. 

3) Get an accurate estimate.

Many times, a home owner will hire strictly on a low bid that ends up climbing way out of control. Concrete jobs are pretty cut and dry when it comes to pricing out.  Make sure you understand the concrete estimate fully and ask questions about any other expenses that could come up with the job.   

If you are looking for a trusted concrete company in the Denver metro, we'd love to give you a bid on your job.  Please give us a call (303) 848-8447 today!

Benefits of Concrete Foundations

When selecting between types of foundation you would like for your new home, you often come across several types of concrete foundations. What's the benefit of choosing one over the other? There are a few aspects one should look into when selecting between different foundations. Poured concrete foundations are typically found in a majority of homes and buildings. Unlike a huge building or structure, the poured concrete is more than enough to serve as the foundation. They offer concrete contractors with stronger, drier, and better material to work with. They also offer better performance that block walls simply can't match at a reasonable price. The lack of needing to repair your foundation leaves room for the homeowner to improve other areas of their home.

Maintenance Free
Virtually no maintenance needs to be performed on poured concrete foundation due to its resistance to rot and decay. They have a longer life-span compared to block. Homeowners do not have to concern themselves with maintenance issues that other types of foundations eventually require. All in all, the homeowner doesn't have to be worried about calling a concrete contractor for any warranty issues.

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Landscape Curbing Helps Accent your Lawn

Landscape curbing is becoming more and more popular to help improve the curb appeal of homes and businesses.  For people who haven't seen it, it is a concrete border that goes around your gardens, trees and home to help accent your landscaping and property.

Good Design to Match your Home
Landscape curbing is something that people either really like or dont. Those who like curbing are frequently perfectionist in personality. That they likesome thing to appear to beit is actuallyheadingexactly where it's created to go. Curbing gives youa completeserieswhich makeslots of peopletruly feelmuch morecomfortable. Other people like their landscaping to have more variety throughout their yard. They don't necessarily want to always see straight lines or have the continued pattern throughout their property. They might like the more natural look where things are softer and less well laid out. It depends on your personal taste.

Dark curbing colors are always best. Standard gray is the least attractive but can help colors of your home stick out especially if you have a brick home with grey mortar. The curbing should blend in with the surroundings and it shouldn't be a focal point of the yard. Browns, Reds and shades or grey are the colors we do most in the Denver area.

Styles & Designs

Today, more and more peole are choosing the slant style (in the picture to the right) over the mower style curbing.  We have 11 total styles you can choose from that can all be done in a stamped pattern and stained whatever color you would like. Click here to see all of our curbing styles

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