Strengthening Products in Concrete

Reinforcement Bar (Rebar) and WWM (Wire Mesh) as-well-as Fiber and Admixtures

Compressive Strength

Concrete has exceptional compressive strength, the capacity to support tremendous sums of weight. Compressive strength is the amount of pressure required to crush concrete. As a simple rule of thumb, the greater the sum of aggregate in a concrete mix, the greater the compressive strength.

Tensile Strength

Relative to the compressive strength, the tensile strength of concrete is significantly less. Tensile strength is a measure of the chemical bond strength between the cement, aggregate and sand in a concrete mix, the amount of force required to pull concrete apart.

Concrete tensile strength is a measure of how well concrete stays glued together under torqueing, bending and twisting pressure.

It is because of concrete’s weak tensile strength that it must be reinforced with reinforcement bar (rebar) or wire mesh. Weak tensile strength is also the reason concrete additives like fiber and potash are used to supplement concrete mixes.

As such, it is as important to understand reinforcing materials as it is to understand concrete mix ratios.

Essentials of Rebar

Rebar is the most common reinforcing material and provides the most strength in concrete. The reinforcement potential of rebar is determined by the size of the rebar; the type of rebar; and the spacing of the rebar.

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Acid Staining Concrete Not Just for Interior Floors

Acid Stained ConcreteStaining concrete is becoming one of the most popular applications for interior floors in homes, offices, restaurants and other public buildings.  Acid stained concrete is an affordable application that requires very little maintenance so it is easy to understand why more and more people are starting to stain concrete outdoors.  It is affordable, low maintenance, you can stain an exisiting slab and the color scheme is endless.  

Our company has started to stain patios, garage floors, outdoor kitchen areas and even some driveways.  We are seeing more and more people wanting to put added detail into their outdoor living space and acid staining is a great way to do it. 

What is Acid Staining?

Acid staining uses a chemical stain mixture of hydrochloric acid, acid soluble metallic salts and water.

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Should I Tear out My Own Concrete or Hire A Professional?

concrete removal services(Clements) driveway project; concrete removal and new pour in Parker, COWhen we are on our concrete appointments, we get asked all the time - "would it save us money if I tore out the exisiting concrete or asphalt myself?"

The answer is short is yes, it would save you money on your project.  What it wont save you is time. 

Most concrete companies charge very little to do the concrete removal to earn your business.  We are able to tear-out, haul away and dispose in a fraction of the time a home owner typically can.  We have all of the equipment needed and we know exactly what needs to be removed so we can set the forms and pour your new concrete.  Often times a homeowner will remove the concrete and we will still need to go in and remove dirt, regrade or other prep work to get the area ready. 

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Landscape Curbing Helps Accent your Lawn

Landscape CurbingLandscape curbing is becoming more and more popular to help improve the curb appeal of homes and businesses.  For people who haven't seen it, it is a concrete border that goes around your gardens, trees and home to help accent your landscaping and property.

Good Design to Match your Home
Landscape curbing is something that people either really like or dont. Those who like curbing are frequently perfectionist in personality. That they likesome thing to appear to beit is actuallyheadingexactly where it's created to go. Curbing gives youa completeserieswhich makeslots of peopletruly feelmuch morecomfortable. Other people like their landscaping to have more variety throughout their yard. They don't necessarily want to always see straight lines or have the continued pattern throughout their property. They might like the more natural look where things are softer and less well laid out. It depends on your personal taste.

Dark curbing colors are always best. Standard gray is the least attractive but can help colors of your home stick out especially if you have a brick home with grey mortar. The curbing should blend in with the surroundings and it shouldn't be a focal point of the yard. Browns, Reds and shades or grey are the colors we do most in the Denver area.

Styles & Designs

Today, more and more peole are choosing the slant style (in the picture to the right) over the mower style curbing.  We have 11 total styles you can choose from that can all be done in a stamped pattern and stained whatever color you would like. Click here to see all of our curbing styles

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